Word of the president

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI ,may God glorify him, the El Jadida Horse Show has been contributing, since 2008, to the development of the Moroccan equine sector.

Several activities related to the horse are organized within the framework of national and international competitions or exhibitions of a very high level.

The entertainment program remains in line with the guidelines of a professional fair in which fun, cultural, artistic, sporting and recreational equestrian activities are judiciously gathered; the fair attracts an ever-increasing and diversified public each edition.

It has thus become a display platform for our rich cultural heritage linked to the horse and an opportunity to express the deep attachment of Moroccans to this noble creature. The fair contributes to the development of horse-related professions and equestrian activities in Morocco. It also offers an essential platform for exchange between the various contributors of the equine sector. 

On an international scale, the El Jadida Horse Show has acquired an indisputable reputation. It is one of the most famous horse shows in the world, given the diversity of activities organized within, and the opportunities for national and international professionals to meet each other.